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the origins

from cannes to los angeles

two cities

of cinema,

two atmospheres,

and a couple of



The origin of the Miramar

At the origin of the Miramar, there is a couple of restaurant pioneers, David and Fanny Rolland. Both adopted the city of Cannes at a very young age and were always immersed in the restaurant world. Fanny learned the trade with her restaurateur parents in the village of Bar-sur-Loup, in the Côte d’Azur countryside. David built up a large experience by occupying different positions in the restaurant business, from holiday clubs to prestigious establishments as the Noga Hilton in Cannes, and an important retailer of food products.

Like a tasty exploration

In 2001, their dream comes true as they open a wine bar in Cannes, Le Petit Paris, then Miramar Plage in 2006. While enjoying life and travelling, David and Fanny dream up the Miramar as an exploration of flavours. A few years later they transform the setting of the beach to mirror their dreams : elegant, welcoming and warm. The rejuvenation of the Croisette in 2019 is the opportunity to transform the beach, create a new setting, an innovative concept, while preserving the qualities that our loyal guests love.

2015 – los angeles

le petit paris

After the success of Le Petit Paris Cannes restaurant, the couple of exploring entrepreneurs open Le Petit Paris Los Angeles, USA in 2015. Situated in the El Dorado building, these landmark walls dating from the early 20th century and the beginnings of American cinema offer a magical setting with an outside patio, numerous light wells, golden columns and large rounded crystal chandeliers that flow from the ceiling. In the plates, we can find the Rolland couple brand : international inspirations, a French touch, quality products and a refined cuisine.

2021 – cannes


Right in the center of Cannes, Rosana is inspired by the Californian atmosphere where the good vibe is a way of life. From brunch to dinner, this gourmet spot twists the best of the world’s cuisines. Here we surf on the comfort food trend, meaning eating while pampering yourself to the fullest. The watchwords: sharing and good vibes! Comfortably installed on the pretty terrace surrounded by palm trees or in the cozy interior, you find yourself immersed in a decor that will quickly cause a “wow”. A delicious moment of pleasure and escape close to the Palais des Festivals.

Innovation & excellence

Perpetually in search of innovation and excellence, the team is guided by an innate intuition and spares no effort to welcome guests in the best possible way. Together, they strive to satisfy the guests and offer them the best services.

Miramar Magazine


This lifestyle address book is dedicated to what is beautiful, good and right on the French Riviera, the unique know-how of passionate men and women. We invite you to delve deliciously into these rich pages of sunshine, these will give you the feeling of being eternally in vacation.